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Nowadays the control of individual investment and exploitation expenses plays a significant role in each organization. The decrease in the costs has become essential not only to increase the competitiveness of the organization but also its effectiveness.

The Blitzmann mark means the lighting products ensuring electric energy savings for lighting purposes of 50-90% owing to the application of the latest generation of products of the LED lighting and the inductive lighting depending on the used light source and the holder. By means of our products you will save not only the costs allocated for electric energy but also for the exploitation. The lighting offered by the New Energy Blitzmann GmbH company are the so-called cold sources of light. It means the lower costs of the insurance policy of the company and the bigger reduction of heat, which corresponds directly to the additional decrease in the expenses of electric energy allocated for air-conditioning and ventilation by 5-10%.

The use of the energy-saving LED holders and the induction holders contributes to the significant reduction in the passive power of the enterprise. Depending on the applied solutions, the passive power can be reduced by 50-100%. Therefore, it is not necessary to compensate the passive power.

We probably suggest the best price and guarantee conditions. We warrant a 5-year guarantee for all the LED products and an 8-year guarantee for all the products made in the inductive technology. The average turnaround time for the LED technology does not exceed 2 years and 1 year for the inductive technology.

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